Volkswagen Jetta Brake Pads Replacement

Volkswagen Jetta Brake Pads Replacement

The act of stopping your Volkswagen Jetta in a safe way is one of the most important functions of any moving vehicle. This is why you have to keep your brake pads in a good state and working at 100%, this includes replacing them when needed and not after. In this guide , we will focus on Volkswagen Jetta brake pads replacement . The recommended time for it would be every time you get your tires rotated or you need to change them .

Sings That You Need To Replace Your VW Jetta Brake Pads

Volkswagen Jetta Brake Pads Replacement

It’s very simple to notice that brake pads in your jetta need to be replaced. The first thing is if when driving you can sense some squealing, grinding, or squeaking coming from the pedal, or maybe you notice the stirring wheel is shaking, all of this can be a clear indication that pads are worn out or the rotors are failing.

We first recommend you to take your car to the shop and let a professional do the replacement, but we know sometimes you don’t time or money, but lots of handy abilities, so you want to do it yourself. Carefully, follow the steps described down below.

Volkswagen Jetta Brake Pads Replacement  

NOTE: Make sure your car is parked on a flat surface before starting to work.


1-Take the wheel out

You can refer to our article “How to change a flat tire” This is a very specified guide that will help you with this step.
 2-Remove the slider bolt

Now the wheel is out, you have a clear picture of the bolts and caliper, you can move the stirring wheel to left or right, this will make access easy for you. There are two sliding bolts, but only the one under its necessary to be removed.

3-Pivot the caliper up

After the bolts are loosened up, now the caliper pivots up. You can see a rubber hose, that is the hydraulic line, it should allow you to work without disconnect anything. If you see you have to disconnect a hydraulic line, stop right there, reassemble the brakes and seek professional help. NOTE: This step may differ according to your vehicle. We recommend you to check the manufacturer’s manual.

4-Slide out the old brake pads

Now you can see the brake pads and you are able to remove them. You may notice some signs of uneven wear, this is an indication that the pads are sticking, caused by the lack of lubricant or caliper hardware, a worn pad, or a sticking caliper piston.

5-Replace the retaining clips

Volkswagen Jetta Brake Pads Replacement

This next step is very easy, after the brake pads are out, the retaining clips will be lose enough, there are no retaining screws for the clips. They just snap in place. When you buy new brake pads, it comes with new retaining clips and they are usually left-handed and right-handed, so read the instructions carefully and change one at a time.

6-Slide in the new brake pads

The new pads slide into place as easily as the old ones did when they came out, though sometimes the new clips will be tighter. The ears of the new pads should slot nicely into place on the grease you applied.
You might find a little packet of grease in the kit you bought, this has to be applied on the new brake pads’ back to avoid the squeaking. Keep the grease away from the front part since it can mess up its correction functioning.

7-Retract the pistons

The main function of pistons is to press on the brake pads and squeeze the rotor, making the vehicle to stop. In this next step, you have to push the pistons back, your car might have one or two, but it’s the same action. The reason behind this, it’s because you need to make room for new thicker brake pads.

8-Monitor the brake fluid level

Something to consider is that when you retract the pistons, the brake fluid’s level will slowly rise. It’s more noticeable during the second brake, it might overflow, but as long as you keep an eye on it, you take out some of it.

9-Reposition the caliper

Now is time to put the caliper back to its original position. You will notice that it’s not easy, this is because of the new brake pads, but it shouldn’t be a problem. If you are having a difficult time, maybe you need to push the pistons back a little more.

10-Reinstall the slider bolt

Then, you need to reinstall and retighten the slider bolt, put the wheel back on, and tight those lug nuts. The only thing left is to repeat the process on the other wheel and you are done.

10 easy steps you can do to replace your vw jetta brake pads in your garage on the weekend, maybe getting help from friends or family, when you are done, remember to make a test drive to make sure that your Volkswagen jetta is working how it’s supposed. When you stop make it slowly and in an empty street. Hope you like your new set of brake pads.

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