Do I Need A Special License To Drive With A Rooftop Box?

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Having to install the roof box on your car for one reason or the other, the next question that may pop up to your mind is, how to maintain your car on the public road with the rooftop carrier installed, do you need a special license to drive with a rooftop box ? In most of the cases, the answer to this question may be NO. Right here, right now let’s see why NO and other facts that may support our answer or disagree.

The roof boxes basically are made to be installed on a car roof, which are will be mounted or attached on the roof of a car. Purposely, they are made to add extra space for your cargo that you may need extra space for in your car.

They were discovered for small vehicles because they allow these cars to accommodate even large amounts of cargo without much problem. They never obstruct the driver while on the road driving, giving them an easy time.

The driver’s view is left clear in all the sides. The roof box also protects the cargo loaded from accumulating dust or moisture from the environment as the car move toward the destination. The roof boxes are also made and designed having all the features like aerodynamics therefore having streamlined shape.

In the market, roof boxes are made available of different types, from polyester to UPVC plastic. These types are strong, hard-shelled, and a little sturdier. Moreover, you will select the roof box depending on the size you want.

The manufactures have made it possible to find different sizes of roof boxes depending on the needs of their consumers. The sizes are capable of holding from 10 cubic feet of items to those capable of holding more than 30 cubic feet of items.

Roof boxes also are available for mounting on top of the roof rack to roof box that needs to simply mount by wrapping a strap around the top part and around the carrier as well.

Carrier Facts

Additionally, the rooftop carriers are made to satisfy the different needs of the manufacturer clients or consumers. There are those rooftops made to be mounted at the top of the vehicle and rooftops that hook up at the back of your car.

The rooftop that hooks up at the back of your car is referred to as hitch carriers. Although these carriers may have contained needs that course the license plates to be invisible, they never require special licenses either.

Cargo carriers are known trailers that are used to transport heavy machines like cars, loan mowers, and many more from one geographical area to the other. However, in our case, the cargo carriers refer to rooftop carriers that are used to carry the snow skis, suitcase, and many more.

Generally, mounting the rooftops on your car does not require any special license or even do some changes to your current driver license. No need to have a special license from any provider to have your car mounted a rooftop and this as well applies to hitch carriers.

The hitch carriers are mounted at the back of the car therefore ensure to keep your license plate visible all the time. This is because the hitch carriers hold the bikes or other items that may hide the license plate and that might raise a problem between you and the authority responsible for road usage policies.

Also before you can take off ensure the taillights are clear and not obstructed. If they are you will be prompted to purchase the light kit so as to install it before you can continue with your journey.

Different type of vehicles

There are vehicles that are large in size, and you might wonder if the installation of the rooftop carriers will need to have a special driving license. The answer again to this question is NO.

Regardless of any size of the vehicle, installing the rooftop carriers will not prompt you to have a special driving license. As a matter of fact, the only vehicle that will require the driver to go after a special driving license is RV or any other carrier that is similar to that.

Most of the drivers with RV never place the cargo on top of their vehicles. Vehicles that range from sedans to pick-ups, minivans, and SUVs, you can possibly add your cargo carriers and move normally.

For the classic car owners willing to have their car equipped with a rooftop, it is always advisable first to consider checking with their local DMV office. This is to ensure that no special license or other special document is needed to mount the rooftop on their rare or classic cars. 

Possibly, there are minimal exceptions, however, it is very doubtable that you will require a special driving license to drive a classic car even if installed a rooftop carrier.

But is always good to consult your DMV office because every state is different from the other. Ask the question so that you can be on the right side of the policies of the road usage because they are the experts. 

Do I Need A Special License To Drive With A Rooftop Box?

Roads and regulations

There exist no law that prompts the vehicle drivers to have special documents before they can install the rooftop. The rules apply to drive on all the roads.

What these rules mean is you can possibly drive on rural roads city roads and in any place your car can possibly pass through. Moreover, there are some roads with restrictions of weigh.

It is recommended to observe this caution with or without your rooftop carriers mounted. You have to take notice of this given notice so as to never drive above the limits that have been put in place.

Always consult or request to know from your DMV office if there is any rule attached to using any rooftop and if they have no clear rule concerning that you are seeking, be free to contact the company that manufactured your roof carrier.

They are the manufacturers and they can answer any questions as far as rooftops are concerned, more than anybody else. They know much about the weights limits the legal requirements that you should adhere to and much more.

However, the fact that they are the manufacturer and much knowledge about the legal requirements may not mean that they even know the rules in your state or city.

So you will still need to dig even deeper and contact again and again your DMV until you are familiar with all the legal requirements and rules regarding the modification or rather adding the rooftop on your car.

The modern roof boxes are made soft and rigid and the soft one is of high quality and high strength synthetic material. The material is water repellent.

The fabric box is mounted to the base of the vehicle rack with the help of the fasteners provided by the manufacturers. the softboxes are attached to low prices and of small dimensions when folded.

The modern roof boxes are made soft and rigid and the soft one is of high quality and high strength synthetic material. The material is water repellent.

The fabric box is mounted to the base of the vehicle rack with the help of the fasteners provided by the manufacturers. the softboxes are attached to low prices and of small dimensions when folded.

Having to drive your car around with a mounted cargo carrier on your car roof is good news as it does not require any special documents, licenses, or amendments. This can be considered as bad news where your local law prompts you to have some type of document so that you can be allowed to use the rooftop carrier in your state or city.

Moreover, you can also check with the police department if checking with your DMV is not satisfactory. In most of the cases, the police have some transportation division run by some of the people whose law is at their fingertips and they narrate to you what is legal and illegal or the legal requirements which you must adhere to use your cargo carrier.

Lastly, get in touch with your lawyers who have specialized mostly with personal injuries and DUI cases. The reason behind reaching out to these people is because they know what the law entails and they can guide you through so that you don’t catch up by the law on the wrong side.

As far as the law is concerned the law, ignorant is never considered as a justified excuse for the law you have broken, so it’s upon you to learn before you can even purchase and mount the rooftop on your car. Be conversant first with what the law states about what you are about to install on your car and you will not collide with any law enforcement personnel on the road.

Driving the car with a rooftop is likely moot in your place of residence. However, because in most cases, you will never experience the law that dictates a special license or other documents is a must to have your car driven on the road with a rooftop carrier installed.

Thus it becomes your choice to install or not depending on your needs and upon you to follow up if there are any legal requirements for rooftop installation. 

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