Top 3 Best Roof Racks for Cars without Rails

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Having a roof rack on your car top is a great advantage for carrying your bike, snowboard, kayak, or even a roof box. These things are really tough to carry when you are out for a vacation or a trip. But you can easily carry them mounting on your car roof rack. Just strap them with the roof rack and enjoy the journey.

You may don’t have a roof rail on your car to install the roof rack. But there are hundreds of roof rack available in the market that can be mounted without rails.

If you are searching for such a roof rack and trying to make the right choice then this review is for you. Let’s take a look at the 3 best roof racks for cars without rails.

Top 3 pick

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Roof Racks For Cars whitout VS. With Rails

Car roof racks are mainly used for carrying different cargos like a bike, snowboard, kayak, or roof box. Some of the roof racks are mounted with the rails of the car rooftop when others can be mounted without rails. Both of the types are used for the same purposes but their installations are slightly different. So, let’s see which one is required for you.

A roof rack without rails is those which you can install on your car if you don’t have a pre-installed rail on your car. Some of the vehicle’s roof is completely bare and don’t have any apparatus to carry any extra equipment like a roof rack. Without rails roof rack are for those vehicles. Generally, these roof racks come with straps or mounting brackets. You can use the straps or mounting brackets to fit them on the rooftop. You don’t have to worry about the straps or mounting brackets interfacing with the car doors. They completely avoid the interface with the doors and don’t create any trouble while driving.

On the other hand, the roof racks with rails are mounted with the pre-installed rails of the car rooftop. To mount a roof rack on a vehicle with this type of roof, these racks come with foot packs. The foot pack clamps onto rails provide mounting points for the roof-racks. These roof racks don’t need any straps to mount on the rooftop.

Benefits Of Having A Roof Rack For Car

They can carry some belongings that are impossible to carry inside the car. Sometimes we need to carry some large components like a kayak, canoes, luggage, or big containers. Yes, you cannot even think about carrying them inside your car. So, how will take them with you for your trip or vacation? Here, the only solution is to install a car roof rack. They can easily contain such large or heavy components on the car rooftop.

They can carry rooftop carrier bags or boxes. Rooftop carrier bags or boxes are used to carry different belongings that shorten the space inside your car. As a result, when you are on a trip with your friends or family, it is difficult to get enough space to sit comfortably. But if you have a roof rack on your car top, you can easily carry the belongings in the bags or boxes mounting on the roof rack.   

They create a strong mounting point for your belongings. You may think that carrying a kayak or a bike onto the roof rack is a bit tricky and risky. But here the roof racks will keep you worry-free. They provide such a strong mounting point that you don’t have to worry about it.

What To Consider When Buying A Roof Rack Without Rails

Mounting System

The first thing you need to check the mounting system of the roof rack. As you are trying to buy a roof rack without rails, check the roof racks that come with proper strapping or other systems necessary for using without rails. Also, some roof racks remain mounted on the rooftop permanently while others need to be unmounted after every use. And some are very easy to on-off, others are a bit tough. So first, know your requirement and then choose the right one.

The width of your vehicle 

While most roof racks have straps that secure them in place, the width of your car will affect just how effectively they sit on that roof. It is always a good idea to check the desired roof rack is compatible or not with your particular car before buying it. Some may ignore it but it’s very important to examine the shape of your vehicle’s roof before investing in a particular roof rack. If your purchased rack doesn’t fit like a glove over your vehicle’s roof, chances are that your kayak and other cargo might fall while you’re driving.

The roof racks weight capacity 

This is a must considering fact, the higher the weight capacity of your chosen roof rack the more you can transport on it. Most people associate the heaviness of a product to how strong it is in construction. This is totally wrong!

Most racks that are made from steel are heavy whereas racks that are made from aluminum are approximately 20-30% lighter than the steel ones. These aluminum roof racks have the same, if not more, strength and weight capacity.

Furthermore, they are just as durable. Thus, evaluate the amount of weight your vehicle’s roof can withstand and then choose an accommodating roof rack.


The rack will be used again and again and will even have to withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, loading and unloading cargo frequently can compromise the condition and lifespan of the roof rack.

Thus, always look for the roof material and check its durability. If it has any additional coating, it might ensure its durability.

Ease of use

You don’t want to have to take your car into the shop every time you want to install or uninstall your roof rack. The best racks are not only easy to install but also easy to use. The idea is to have something that reduce your efforts as opposed to increasing it.


You need to keep in mind is that just because a Roof Rack is expensive does not mean that it’s the best. Several roof racks are expensive. If you search just enough, you will find a roof rack that has the same features but available at a much lower price.

So always evaluate the price of the roof rack and compare the features of the roof racks to see which one is best.

Roof Racks for Cars without Rails

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2) Malone VersaRail Bare Rack

You don’t need to worry a bit about your rooftop getting scratched while transporting your kayak or other heavy belongings. As the Load bar coating is corrosion resistant, you can use it without any hesitation.

Though transporting such objects is never been this easy, Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack has done it. By distributing the suction cups evenly, you can easily increase the surface area on the roof of your car so that the weight gets evenly distributed in the process. The best thing about these roof racks is that they don’t make much noise during the transportation process.

Considering the other rack accessories, its rectangular shape can perfectly carry them with proper fitting. It is available with a load capacity of 135 pounds and vacuum tower bases promise a pulling strength of 75 pounds alongside safety attachment straps with a wider dimension of 1.5. The unit requires no additional tools for installation.

For more details on how to install Malone VersaRail Bare Rack

3) Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack

Seah Hardware Universal is another convenient roof rack for cars without rails. The waterproof 1800 pounds tie-down system ensures the roof bars remain well-secured to your car. As it comes with a weight capacity of 150 pounds, you can safely carry a kayak on this roof rack.

It comes with a pair of crossbars 48″ made from heavy-duty steel tubes. It is compatible with most 4 door cars with a bare roof. You can also use this roof rack on most cars with existing rails that are not higher than 6.4cm.

The roof rack is one of the easiest ones to use. It can be installed in minutes and very fast to be dissembled.

Overall, we love the Seah Hardware Universal Roof rack because it’s really versatile. Whether it’s a kayak, a mountain bike, or a ladder, this rack allows you to easily and safely take your gear anywhere you want.


Q: Do I need crossbars for a roof rack?

A: A basic rack system consists of crossbars and supports. To go across your vehicle and a way of attaching those bars to your vehicle, you will need two crossbars.

Q: The Differences between Roof Rails and Roof Racks

A: The main difference between the two is the direction these are mounted on top of the roof of your vehicles. Roof racks are mounted across the roof, and rails run along the length of a car’s roof attached by feet or other mounts.

Q: What is the point of roof rails?

A: Roof rails run along the length of the vehicle’s roof. They provide an attachment point for crossbars and other devices designed to secure loads carried on the roof of the vehicle. By using feet or other mounts, roof rails are attached to the vehicle’s roof.

Q: Is a roof rack worth it?

A: Before spending hundreds on a roof rack, you’ll probably wonder if it’s actually worth the money. If you’re using your roof rack frequently, driving at high speeds, or taking a long trip, expensive roof racks are worth the price. So, it is better to have a roof rack that is reliable and stable.

Q: Do roof racks cause wind noise?

A: Yes, it can cause wind noise. The wind noise we hear from some roof racks is known as Aeolian noise and is produced by the wind when it passes over or through objects.


So, here are the three best roof rack for car without rails. Hope you will find it helpful and get enough directions for buying the best one for you. Let us know your opinion. Leave a comment below.