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Road Trip Essentials : What Not To Pack On Your Family Trip?

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The packing list is known to have all the family road trip essentials written carefully so as to avoid over packing. It contains all the things that make our life much easier and much enjoyable during the road trip. However, it’s up to you to decide which item to include in your list and which not to.

No one will tell you what number of socks that you will need to include or t-shirts. You will be able to determine the quantity depending on how much space you have. Never forget to include your driving license or insurance documents or passports for moving to a foreign country.

There exist two types of packing list. The first type is where you can travel using your own car while the second is where you visit the rental company to lease a car for your trip. You will be able to pack for more if you travel regularly. At some points in time, you will realize that some of your packed items are not used during the trip.

Having to carry so many items that are not in use is tiresome and not recommendable.  In this article, we are going to have a look at the family road trip essentials and those items that you should completely avoid packing . Below are the things that you should completely avoid to pack when planning for a road trip as a family. 

Hardcover books

Definitely, you will need something to read when at the beach after swimming or joking around with sand and water at the beach. The current hardcover bestseller occupies much of your valuable space adding too much weight to your luggage. Instead, download the kindle version of the book or even opt for the paperback.


Some of the hotels do provide hairdryers in the room. You will want to know if the hotel you and your family are going to spend their night makes a request to know. If they offer that in their rooms consider leaving your hair dryer behind. The version available in that hotel may not be the version of your choice but the space in your bag you can place something else instead. The hairdryer functionality is the same.

Useful items

If you have been traveling for many times and have become your hobby then you should know the things that you have ever packed but never used. For instance special travel wallets, first-aid-kits that have overdone even the odd technology. Such things you should leave them behind, especially things that you can afford to purchase at the destination.

Too much workout gear

You don’t need too much workout gear for your trip, five pairs of sweat socks are too much only to go at 5 am in the morning. If you have never worked out before on a vacation don’t pack too many. Just pack enough outfits for athletics for a hike or other adventure and leave the rest behind at home.

The medicine cabinet

You may not need to carry the entire cabinet of your medicines. The reason behind that is because some like aspirin and ibuprofen you can purchase at your destination. But just carry the essential prescription from the doctor with you.

Something that is not on your packing list

The packing list plays a big role in identifying what you need to pack and that you don’t need to pack for your trip. Just stick to your packing list. You may have prepared this list very well before making it a reality.

Too many bathing suits

Packing two bathing suits is enough and for most of the people going for a trip that is the maximum number. While wearing one the other may be drying. To have your suit clean without the washing machine, ensure to fill the hotel sink with warm water add a splash of mild and a soap. The next step is to swish the suit around and allow it to dry.

Anything that might be rejected by TSA

Smoothing like large aerosols and body washes might sometimes be lucky to pass through the TSA but when packing never count as one of the traveling essentials. The administration of transportation security has initiated the ban already for containers larger than 3.4 ounces. You can go ahead and check from their website a list of things you should not carry with you and they are prohibited.

The formal outfit you might wear

When packing at first you should consider your itinerary very carefully. If you are not going to any formal events you will want to leave all the formal wear. This should also apply to what is known as stiletto heels and strings of pearls. If you are going to need these items, pack one or two for the necessary event that you should attend.

Inadequate space for sun hat 

Never find yourself risking the breakage of your hat while you have less space for it. To ensure that it is well packed, pick a shirt and safely push into the bottom of your suitcase. On top of this item, ensure to lay it and fold the items that are flightier around it. After packing what should appear is the very top of your packed hat.

Anything that is not matching

When packing your clothes, pack the outfit and if possible target at matching them with a certain color scheme. For instance, you can opt to pack tan accessories, tan shoes, a tan bag and a tan belt, and much more.

Un Umbrella

The reason why you will not want to pack an umbrella is that it’s heavy and is rarely used. Instead, consider caring with you a water resistance jacket. If you are caught up by a downpour you might consider carrying a cabs and normally not take or purchase a 5 dollars umbrella from a guy on the street.

A Day-to-day purse 

A traveling purse is different from your regular purse.  Just ensure not to pack your regular purse and pack your traveling purse. This is because a good traveling purse is slightly smaller than the regular purse. You can actually keep it closer to your body or even pack in your larger day bag which can readily go from day to evening.

What you can buy

Things you can buy at your destination can save you a space for something else in your bag. Some toys, other medications like aspirin, snacks, baby jars food if you use them. Some things like sunscreen you can buy at the destination but expect to pay more.

Guide books

Many of the people use the guide books to plan at home but they never pack them when traveling. The travel guides or guide books are handy and much heavy. Instead of having them in the travelling bag, downloading the electronic guidebook chapters from Frommer is the best thing you can do.

Family Road Trip Essentials : Things Not To Pack

The favorite snuggly

For instance, when I am traveling I never carry with me snuggly less than 6 months, and instead, I choose to carry 3 to 4 years old stuffed animals. Even if I lost this animal I will not be that deeply devastated or left behind. It will be simpler for me to forget just like a flash if and only if offered a new and cuter stuffed animal.


Too many toys will only succeed in consuming much of your space or even some toys get lost or broken. Many kids will fight over the toys resulting in disturbance and noise when you need to be calm and relaxed.  Cary for them some shells, sticks, or stones and it keeps them very busy for hours.

When the tiny traveller is 6 or 7 years old, they will keep looking for an activity to keep them busy when the activities are diminishing or even before dinner when everyone is changing some clothes or having a drink. Just keep in bag some versatile items to keep them busy.

Picture books

The picture books might not be that interesting to some of the kids, so you might end up caring so many picture books thinking your kid will be kept busy by one book after the other. Your tiny traveler might go through one or two and then from there spend the time joking around something else but not picture books. Just carrying a few one or three is enough.

The reason why it’s recommended to exclude some unnecessary trip essentials is to ensure you have saved the space for adding important essentials that you may end up leaving behind. This unnecessary trip essentials not only deny you the space but also add a lot of weight. When traveling abroad, the weight of your luggage might become the issue. You may end up with things that are valuable but you expected not to lose them. Keep them back home if you are not ready to lose them in any way.