Is It Safe to Buy Used Tires

is it safe to buy used tires

The tires are your car’s shoes, so if you notice one of your shoes has a crack or is falling apart, you obviously stop using it and get a new one, well, it’s the same case for your car, tires also get worn out and in order to avoid accidents that can lead to tragedies, you have to change your tires. But, what if you can’t afford a new set, is it safe to buy used tires? Keep reading, let’s find out.

Tires can be very expensive depending on the brand you like or got recommended to you. However, sometimes you are going through rough times and you can’t afford a new set, but your car definitely needs a new para ASAP, so the other option you can consider is getting used tired.

Pros of getting used tires

  • Cheap option : new set of tires can be very expensive.
  • Friendly with the environment. By reusing you are helping to reduce global contamination.
  • You can buy just one, instead of a full set. Sometimes you only need to buy one and sellers of new tires push you to get the whole set.
  • It’s a fast solution to a flat tire or missing spare.

Cons of getting used tires

  • They have signs of being worn. They can present some waves or bulges.
  • You can’t fully trust the seller’s advice that the tires are in good condition.
  •  You can’t fully know what kind of damage the tires had suffered before.

However, besides all these pros being very tempting, you have to consider that because they are used, they can come with defects, such as tread wear or punctures. It will take you a close look and 5 minutes.

Now that you know some benefits and disadvantages of getting used tires, you need to ask yourself the most important question:

Is It Safe to Buy Used Tires ?

Well, it depends. There is not an easy answer to this question, because there are many factors to consider, but there are simple hacks or tests that you can do to verify the good condition of the tire. Here are some:

1-Check the state of tread depth and damage. The limit of tread depth you should stay away from 3/32”. You can use a coin, insert it right into the tire’s grooves. If you can see very easily the top of the figure in the coin, that means the tire is very worn out to be considered safe.

2-Exposed cords are a big no. If you can see the braided steel cords inside the tire, then pick another one, because that one is in its last stage of life.

3-Inspect the sidewall and tread, look for any kind of wave, bump, or bulges. These things are indications that the tire had a rough life, and it can be very irresponsible of you if you buy it. Your safety is always first.

4-Don’t forget to check the tire’s beads. These rubber rings are placed right where the wheel connects, so it’s very important to verify that they are in good condition. There might be a chunk of rubber missing or may be structural damage, this can lead to the tire to get separated from the wheel while driving.

As you could read, there are four different things to check out when trying to buy used tired, it’s a cheap option and be a safe one. It all depends on your specific needs and financial possibilities.
We have some good news, if you buy them in a well-known place, you should know that the person selling you the used tires, has legal responsibility if something happens with your purchase.

There is a lot of people every day buying used sets of tires, it’s completely common, and most of them would recommend it as they enjoyed a safe and cheap drive for more than a couple of thousands of miles. Did you know that 30 million used tires are purchased each year which makes up 10% of the entire tire market in the US?
However, we also would like to recommend you to get used tires because you are out of options and as soon as you can afford them, get a new set of tires, it will give you more safety when driving at high speed or long distances.



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