How To Replace Your Car Cabin Air Filter

How To Replace Your Car Cabin Air Filter

Replacing a cabin air filter is one of those things that you can easily do, instead of going to an expensive car shop for work that can be done at your house, on your own terms. You only need to buy the air filter and follow our guide on how to replace your car cabin air filter in 5 easy steps .

Why Do You Need To Replace Your Car Cabin Air Filter ?

In order for your engine to function properly, it needs that it pulls in needs to be clean. The air can be mixed with a lot of things that can damage your car, we are talking about dirt, salt, pollen, feathers, or even small insects. We can assure you that you don’t want that kind of stuff going right into the engine.
 The cabin air filter has a rectangular shape and is made of a porous, paper-like material. It almost looks like an accordion. The filter prevents dirt and other particulates from getting into your engine while allowing the clean air through. Simple, yet effective.

 Benefits from replacing cabin air filter

 How To Replace Your Car Cabin Air Filter

Reduced Emissions

By having your air filter replaced, your car’s emission control systems prevent any unwanted things to be ejected into the world through air emissions. Make your part and help save the planet.

·   Good fuel efficiency

If you have been driving your car for a long time and you have never replaced the air filter, you will get surprised at how much dirt the filter can retain and even clog. Your engine needs clean air, remember that it needs it to function properly. So if the engine doesn’t get enough air, it will cause it to use more fuel than when you first got the car. Change your air filter regularly.

Longer engine life

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, it’s the center of everything, that’s why it can be very particular and not react well to small particles of sand or salt. If you let the time runs and the air filter getting dirtier and dirtier, you can cause serious damage to the internal parts.

How To Replace Your Car Cabin Air Filter

1-Buy an air filter.
The range of prices of air filters is between $10 and $13. You can get one at the local auto parts store. If you don’t know what kind of filter do you need, don’t worry. The first thing you should is read your owner’s manual. Or, the people in the car shop can help you figure it out.

2-Open your hood and locate the air filter box.
There is no way you will miss it, it’s a black plastic box on top of or to the side of your engine. You can notice a big hose coming out of it. As we said, there is no way you won’t see it.

3-Open the air filter box and remove the dirty cabin air filter .
Now that you have located it, open the black plastic box. Just unclasp the big metal clips that keep the cap down and open the box. You will get the first look at the air filter, it may be super dirty.

4-Check the old air filter.
This is the time to check if your air filter gets to live another day or it’s time to get replaced. If you see the filter to be completely drowned in dirt and gunk. Don’t think it twice and take it out.

5-Put in the new air filter.
Bring the new air filter you bought and place it inside the black plastic box. Close the cap and make sure you snapped the clips all the way.

 How To Replace Your Car Cabin Air Filter

And that’s it! No major actions, no additional tools, this process should have taken you about 5 minutes and it only cost you half of what could have cost in a car shop.
 Don’t be afraid of your car or the unknown, we make these guides to help you know your car and what you are capable to do with your own hands. But, it’s completely valid if you don’t feel confident enough to do this alone, take your car to the mechanic.

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