Family Road Trip Packing List
Family Road Trip Packing List

Family Road Trip Packing List : Things You’ll Actually Use

Many people across the globe consider having a road trip as one way of passing the time. A road trip offers you a great opportunity in your lifetime to view the world in a very unique manner without pouring a lot of money on it. Roads trips also open you a chance to interact with your friends as you can go alone and call it a road trip, you must have the company of your friends or family. We’ve made this family road trip packing list of things to take on a family road trip to prepare you for an unforgettable family adventure.

Moreover, to make the road trips more enjoyable and easy without problems popping up for whatever reason you will need to pack, and that is an essential part of having a wonderful and remarkable road trip.

The benefits of having a car on your road trip is because you will pack all the items you feel are necessary for road trip, without guidelines like that of TSA or airlines, that may lead to changing your packing list.

What may sound irritating to your ears is that, is forgetting to pack a few things if you are not careful enough when packing. You may not be unlucky and be able to pack your toys, toiletries, and other things. But there are some of the things that most people do forget to pack and they are also very essential in your road trip. So today in our article we focus on these items that you may also want to pack for your road trip.

Here are Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Family Road Trip Packing List :

Health Aids and Medications

Most of the people when packing for their road trip this is one of the important items they forget. You may forget one thing or two and that sometimes is normal but not your medications. Other things can be purchased on the way but medications are not that easy to replace, especially when you want the prescription. Along with these medications you may want not forget other health aids like allergy medicine, gas relief, heartburn chews, and other health aids that you normally use to ease that ails you.

Emergency road kit

It’s everyone who hope not to encounter any emergency on the way on your road trip such as dead battery and flat tires , but they occur naturally without expectation and can be of any kind and can happen anywhere. So that you can be on the safe side it’s good to have an emergency toolkit.

This will ensure peace of mind. Your emergency tool kit should have the following; the first aid kit with manual, jumper cables, hand sanitizer, blanket for emergency, water, tire changing toolkit, flash right, rain poncho, pen, and a paper, and much more to be on the safer side.

You may also want to include weather-specific gear, like coats, hats, scrapers, bug spray, and an umbrella for winter and summer and it is good to keep the safer and organized for easy access.

 Have enough cash

The technology today is much and by far advanced, so you may not be used to carry much money in cash as many do carry cards and do their transaction online. But it is a good idea to carry some enough for your road trip so that if your wallet is stolen, in the car you will have some money to take you through. However, there some places that need cash along the way like parking lots and tolls hence a very good idea to carry some few cash.

You may also make so many purchases on the way and your bank become suspicious of theft. The next step your bank will do is to freeze your account denying you access to your money. The cash will be your help in this case to complete your road trip or contact your credit company earlier informing them about your trip otherwise things will get messy.

Entertainment tools 

During the road trip, everyone wants to keep the spirit high be it a driver or passengers otherwise the journey will be boring and dull. So it’s always good to prepare some playlist of some audiobooks or podcasts to listen to and remember to do that before the time. That prevents you to rush downloading the songs when driving. So adding several soundtracks to your car makes the trip entertaining and fun.

Bring along some stories to keep the spirit high play cards or earbuds for your phone and if you have kids included in the trip, bring some baskets full of activities to keep the stimulated along the way. Don’t forget the car games are also not restricted in the car so having to pack a few for both kids and adults will also beef up the mood of the trip.

Carry enough snacks

Plenty of Snacks makes the road trip more enjoyable and fun and it’s found cheaper by many people to pack ahead of time before you can take off for your trip. You can have a cooler in your car and load it with snacks like carrots sticks as well as fruits in case you begin getting bored by processed starch. Have these snacks that go well with something else like cheese, peanut, cracker packs, chips, the individual packed cookies and much more. 

Pay a visit to one of the bulk discount stores and you will discover many of the bulk packages of wrapped snacks in every shape. This is a perfect way to refrain from gas station hikes.

Have a Travelling pillow

Traveling pillows make it easier for you to sleep in the car when you are tired of everything and feel like having a nap. This pillow may think the designer’s intention was targeting the airplane travellers but that is wrong. The pillow is designed to wrap your neck around so that you can be comfortable to rest your head while sitting upright in the car.

You may also bring in additional pillow to place between your head and the door frame for even more comfortable time in the vehicle. Many of the road trips involve slipping a bit and this item will be your partner in that. Avoid the crick in your neck that comes after poor positioning of your head after sleeping for sometimes or long hours.

Extra keys 

The reason as to why many people get to carry an extra car key is because they don’t want to be locked out of their cars. This is the worst nightmare you can ever have.

Whether in the town or anywhere side of the road waiting for the locksmith to arrive to help you out, will make you feel bored and full of regrets. It is advisable to carry with you an extra car key that you can keep in your pocket or give another person you traveled with. 

Travel trash can

Before you and your friends or even a family get started with your trip, think of all you are going to drink and eat. From snacks drinks to fruits, are the trash cans going to be left on the car floor? Get rid of this problem by installing a travel trash can in your car ahead of time.

These cans are available in different styles but you can try pop-up trash can be a good choice. This is because it collapses for easy storage when you are not using it. Ensure to purchase waterproof trash cans  for drinks.

So that all the passengers can have somewhere to put their trash, place trash cans in each row of the seating. For instance, you will have to place two trash can in a sedan while in a minivan you will have to place three of them. Empty the trash can whenever you stop for gas. 

Travel journal 

Though the technology today is much advanced in a way that your phone can do much from writing, recording, and documenting activities, sometimes it’s good to divert and put everything in writing manually.

Have a notebook or a journal with you to record everything that you would like to view later after the trip. You may also want to try a travel journal that contains questions to prompt your entries. These memories will love them for your lifetime.

Toiletry Essentials

Out of all those trip essentials that we have mentioned it will be inappropriate to forget adding toiletry in your list. Ensure to pack extra things that you might need on the way. Add several toilet papers you might need an emergency stop for bathrooms. Of course, you have taken much from drinks to snacks and at some point, your body will require to get rid of the waste.

Carry with you hand sanitizers, body wipe, and many more for your hygiene. You can’t rely on gas station bathrooms or truck stops to be fully stocked. Have your hygiene essentials with you during your family trip or friend’s trip.

 The main aim of the road trip is to ensure that everyone is safe and entertained and maintained happy throughout the road trip to your destination. Whatever car of your choice the fact remains the space is limited therefore pack the essentials that will keep you comfortable as possible throughout.

Go through your list and ensure that you have not forgotten anything that will make you uncomfortable. Carry games essentials with you to eliminate boredom especially for the kids if they are inclusive in your road trip.