Traveling With Empty Roof Box Installed In Your Car

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Having an empty roof box installed in your car not only transforms the look of your car but also adds an extra space for your carriage. If this is your left choice, then you are conversant with the benefits that come along and how convenient the product is.

This amazing empty roof box equips you with enough space for your snowboard, fishing rods, tents, suitcase, and much more. They are normally attached to your car by strapping them on top of the car or direct mounting on an already installed roof rack.

Rooftop boxes can be a bit cumbersome to mount and unmounts until you get used to it. Most of the people prefer to leave it mounted all the time to make things easier. But for your commute, you be wondering whether you should travel having it mounted. Right here, right now in this article, let’s answer that question.

Benefits Of Having An Empty Roof Box Installed In Your Car

How beneficial are the Empty roof box? Why should you mount them on your car? First and foremost, having an empty roof box installed on your car creates an extra space for your car ranging from 12 to 22 cubic feet of space and even sometimes more.

So the key role of an empty roof box is to help you achieve more space in the trunk of your vehicle and even backseat area.

Few years back before marriage, I used to be a frequent traveller, and many times I could visit my friends all alone. I had less to pack so I never needed such a big space, it was not an agenda to me. You already know men have less to pack.

After marriage I got kids and all over sudden my traveling charged. Every time we could plan for a tour, packing become an issue. Am telling you the truth this was a nightmare packing for our four kids. We could pack, forget something, and unpack, packing again it was such a hectic moment.

I spent a lot of time to figure out how to get more space in our car. I even changed my car but never solved my problem enough until I met my friend with his car having a roof box carrier. That is where everything changed.

I requested him to let me know where he purchased from. Surprisingly, he even connected me with his dealer and in a few days of the week, I had the desired roof box carrier. Today things are much easier but I always remove it when am not using it. We can pack all the things we want for our trip without any problem.

Having a rooftop is beneficial because it will always give an extra space which permits you to bring even more without jamming the trunk. Are you a sports enthusiast, much into skiing, fishing, snowboarding, or just a frequent traveller like me who can pack a lot? Consider owning a roof box for more space.

An empty roof box carrier enables you to have more stuff to carry without the driver’s view obstruction. You are also guaranteed that your cargo is protected from any weather conditions. Instead of having your trunk loaded with a lot of cargo, having a roof box is a way of making sure that your cargo weight is evenly distributed.

A roof box also increase the security of your luggage. When you leave your luggage at the backseat it becomes easier your car to be targeted by criminals. if they think what is in your car backseat is valuable or in your bags, they will do anything just to break into your car and grab it.

This does not only result to your stuff getting stolen but also leaves your car damaged. But when your luggage is in the roof box, nobody will know you are traveling with variables.

What many people really ask is whether to keep the rooftop mounted all the time so as not to remove it whenever is not in use. Different experts may answer this question differently. Many of this expert respond to this answer with a “no” supporting their answer with different reasons.


The roof boxes in the current days are more advanced and well-made than earlier before. The roof box aerodynamic design is one of the biggest perks, which helps in minimizing the resistance of the wind. This resistance is known to subject the engine to a strain maximizing the rate of gas consumption.

Even if today’s roof box is known to perform better on wind resistance than they did in the past, you are most likely to experience little drag and wind resistance with your car.

So when you opt to leave the empty roof box on your vehicle a day in and day out, You are guaranteed to spend much on gas than before, without the roof box.

With your car having the most streamlined and roof boxes that are much advanced in designs will still subject your car engine to a strain. This strain applies in both cases, whether empty roof box or full.

This decrease in gas mileage number perhaps is one of the major problems of having roof boxes mounted all the time on your car even if the advances done on these boxes are such remarkable.


In addition, an empty roof box tends to make a lot of noise as you drive. Most likely, much noise is produced due to the fact that the roof box move around since it’s not weighted properly.

The empty roof boxes that are made out of soft-shell are the most considered to be worse. They contain large creases in them which can flap around as you drive course a lot of noise.

The noise is not only produced with the existence of the creases in the roof box but also the wind can get in between the roof of your car and the bottom of your roof box coursing a lot of noise. The noise can be even much when the roof box is empty. The height of the roof box is another considerable factor.

Empty roof boxes in the market are available with various designs, shapes, sizes as well as different heights. Because probably you are not using the roof box, it will be easier to forget that it’s still mounted on the car.

You may end up exposing your empty roof box in danger under the bridge or other places because you have already forgotten the added height of the roof box.

Overheads roads as well as low-lying bridges, they normally have posted signs that help people know the height of their car but won’t help much if the driver forgets the roof box is still attached to the car top and drive through the bridge and roads.

Forgetfulness is a human nature you can’t avoid it and forgetting the existence of the roof box on your car is easy when it is not in use. This may course damage to your roof box or lose it entirely.


Today’s roof boxes are well made, with high-quality materials, and can last for a long. They are made not to fade over time but the roof box is more exposed to element when you leave it mounted on the car. The more it will be ruined and become unusable when left on top of the car for many days without making use of it.

It is the recommendation from most of the rooftop manufactures to uninstall the roof box carrier whenever it is not in use. The reason behind their recommendation is to maximize the durability of the roof box.

In addition, your roof box will always fade over time regardless of how well you take good care of it. Moreover, keeping it off the car when not in use will increase the longevity of the roof box.


Still wondering whether you should do your traveling having the roof box mounted on your daily commute? If you would want to save money on gas, extend the lifetime of your roof box, minimize the damage risking to your carrier, keep your vehicle quieter, then you will need to have it removed when it is not in use. Mount your roof box when you can’t avoid having it, during traveling and you need to pack a lot for your tour.

Some of the experts may be having a different reason to keep it mounted on their daily commute, but I am sure it took them time to get used to that. They use the roof box as a toolbox just in case the car develops a problem on the way, there is no need to call for a mechanic or visiting the garage.

So they don’t keep the empty roof box, instead they travel having it loaded with some garage tools, safety tools that may be needed on the road just in case of a puncher or any other problem.

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