Driving Drowsy

Driving Drowsy : Top 12 Tips To Stay Awake While On The Road

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It may seem to be a natural part of life driving drowsy for many of those who do commute to their workplace for their living. But this little drowsiness can be eliminated by taking a personal initiative and constructing a number of strategies.

Nothing requires a lot of concentration like driving and for long-distance driving, your body can be weak and tired leading to unexpected. Your body can wear out physically if extremely work emotionally as well.

This is the reason behind resting before any road trip even if they are shorter trips. Have you ever come across an intoxicated person driving or someone influenced by drugs? That is how dangerous it is to drive while sleepy.

Consider first ensuring that you are comfortable, eliminated drowsy by one of what we are going to discuss in this article. What I am trying to drive home is that prepare for both mentally and physically and ensure treating yourself right while on the road.

Keep yourself up to date about the things can keep you alert while driving. Fight off sleepiness and keep alert of the signs that notify you when to pull over immediately for rest. Below are things you can arm yourself with as a shield from drowsy or tiredness and keep yourself rested while driving on the road.

Tips To Stay Awake While Driving Drowsy

Have a buddy while driving 

This can be a good choice driving with buddy specifically when you’re having a long commute or on a road trip. When one gets tired and drowsy, both of you can exchange the responsibility of driving.

This is a good strategy, especially for long-haul drivers. These drivers can be in tractor-trailer driving for 12 to 15 hours a day and this is an infallible strategy for them to consider.

Drive with a buddy who lives near you or a friend that drives in the place of your interest is not only fun but also keep you alert. It’s much beneficial in passing time quicker and making your trip look shorter than the reality.

Consider to take a nap before driving

A healthy amount of sleep can be of much help before you can take off. This will help you feel relaxed and rested not only through your entire drive but also the entire day.

But if that won’t be possible, consider just taking a nap of 15 to 30 minutes before you can sit behind the wheel to drive. Even a short one can help you feel refreshed and alert even if you are planning to leave the next one hour or 30 minutes.

Listen to some music

Listening to your favorite music can boost your morale and keep you focused and alert on the road. To have your brain stimulated, put on some music that you are aware of the lyrics so that you can sing along or something energetic that will leave you pumped and awake.

The music can be of any type, country music, classical, funk or metal. All kind of music has a link to mental alertness and will keep you focused on the road.

Turn on lights 

Some of the cars or vehicles tend to have dome light. The light is not that large and is most recommended by many of the truck drivers. A small light can be of much help but naturally, in a moving vehicle, it’s not wise to have too much light.

Have yourself an energy drink

To be frank and I have seen this working for myself, energy drinks do help much in keeping you alert. They contain a mega-dose full of caffeine plus other ingredients that keep you going.

But remember to consume moderately because these energy drinks are loaded with sugar and can get you a little jittery and should not be consumed often. Just once in a while to keep you awake.

Ensure the window is open

Many of the long-distance commuters tend to open their car window to get some extra air inside. It does not have to be that wide to get a great result, just a small vent ration to allow the air in will do great to keep you awake. It will keep the flow of the fresh air inside as well as cooling the temperature inside the vehicle.

Drink a lot of water while driving

This is another trick for the long-distance truck drivers. Sometimes the reason why the body gets sleepy is because of dehydration. By the time your body is getting thirsty, it has already begun to dehydrate.

So have enough water in your car as you drive to quench your thirst and it will keep you alert and awake all through. Drinking a lot of water also will help you eat healthy foods that will go along with that water. Both are good to keep you awake on the road as well.

Keep away alcohol 

Alcohol is also one of the well-known stimulants and to some point of consumption can get you off the road and result in a fatal accident, and that is completely not our desire. Therefore, refraining yourself from alcohol also keeps you level-headed and alert as you drive. It also leaves you on the safe side.

Listen to some comedy

Most of the vehicle has a multipurpose radio with a slot where you can insert a flash disk or a CD. You can use it to listen to some comedy or even tune in to a radio station that contains comic programs.

Listen to it as drive and it will stimulate you. The laughing on the radio will keep you awake and its entertainment. This is a very simple method and fun technique that will keep you awake. No one can dare to sleep having all that laughter.

Pullover and stretch 

It is normal to feel restless and sleep after a long-distance of driving and that is why it is always good to stop and allow yourself to rest a bit. It will depend on how you feel, if much tired do some stretches and have yourself some cold drinks reach in caffeine. You may also consider having a nap in your vehicle and this is a perfect option to take.

Drive during the daylight mostly 

It is always easier to drive the car during the day than driving during the night even if you are well-rested. During the day your eyes can’t strain to view ahead than how you can strain during the night time.

The strain can be physical or psychological, but you will be alert for a longer time if you do your driving during the day. The sun is considered to be the strongest source of light and when it goes down and it is night time, the man-made.

Adjust the cars seat

In the process of keeping yourself awake and uncomfortable, try to adjust the seat of the car that you’re seated in an unusual position. This will drag you out of the comfort zone that you are used to while driving your car and eliminate the fatigue that comes along with long-distance driving.

Try to learn your car chair forward than usual, keep raising the bottom of your sit until it lifts your bum to a new level. You can even slide the chair backward to stretch our legs more than normal. Try any methods, joke around with your seat just to keep yourself awake and attentive on the road.

Most of us are so much used to the positions of our car seat in a way that, sliding on a La-Z-Boy comfortable chair back in our homes. Having some of these comfortable seating positions in our cars leads to drowsy and ease of getting sleepy.

So adjusting to a new position will take you to another new realm where you will feel different and you are more aware of what is surrounding you as a result.

HOW Dangerous Is Drowsy Driving?

According to a 2019 study, discovered the impairments that drowsy driving has coursed resembles that of driving under the influence of alcohol. This has been found to minimize several key functions of the body which are very vital for safe driving. This include:

⦁ The eye ability to ability adjust in the darkness
⦁ Sound reaction time
⦁ depth perception
⦁ heart rate
⦁ blood pressure
⦁ Eyesight accuracy
⦁ ability to assess speed

Sometimes it better to be cautious with your health issues. If sometimes you find yourself drowsy while driving considers having your doctor have a check on you. This could be something else like a medical condition that requires doctor attention as soon as possible.

According to the statistics done by the department of transportation in the United States, many of the vehicle accidents happens due to driver’s fatigue. Some estimates from statistical agencies have shown that 25 percent of all motor vehicle accidents happen as a result of drivers falling asleep on the road while driving.

People who are planning for a long-distance road trip they are aware at some point they have to grapple with fatigue which naturally occur out of driving for long hours. If this fatigue is not controlled it can turn to be a real problem or even to some point dangerous.