car washing in winter

Car Washing In Winter : 10 Tips To Keep Your Car Clean In Winter

There is no better sensation than going inside a car freshly cleaned, everything shinning, back to original colors, and smelling nice. That sensation is the difference between a good or bad car drive. The best part about this is that you don’t need fancy or expensive tools, most of it you have it already at your home.

  • A hose
  • Soap
  • Microfiber towels
  • A bucket.

Car Washing In Winter : 10 Tips To Keep Your Car Clean In Winter

Here is a list of 10 tips for car washing in winter:

Tip 1.- Avoid cleaning it under direct sunlight or heat.

This will cause the soap to dry faster. Also, avoid if possible, places near dusty roads or under a tree, you don’t want a bird pooping on top of your car. Be sure that your hose has a nozzle with different pressure levels, so you don’t waste water or run out of it in the process.

Tip 2.- Focus on the wheels.

Car Washing In Winter

Use the hose directly to the wheels. This part of your car carries most of the dirt and residues, so it should be your first priority. Don’t forget to spray around the wheel wells and the undercarriages. In this place is where you can remove some brake dust or any remain of salt from the winter.

NOTE: You need a cleaner specifically made for wheels, always check the labels because some cleaners aren’t suitable for certain paints or types of aluminum. Be nice to your tires.

Tip 3.- Use different towels or mitts when washing your car.

Keep a set only for tires, another set for the car, and another one for the inside. Why? Well, you don’t want to pass the dirt or grease you already removed from the wheels or the exterior to the inside or seats. Be conscious of this.

Tip 4.- Prepare the exterior.

 If your car has a thick layer of dirt, earth, mud, or anything, we suggest you spray it entirely with water, this will lose it up the layer and remove it. You can use your hose or a couple of water buckets. Whatever is comfortable for you. 

Tip 5.- Buckets are your friends.

This will make your car washing experience more pleasant and organized. Fill to buckets with water, one with soap and one without it. Remember, get a cleaning solution made exclusively for cars. If you use another kind, it can ruin the paint. We are sure you don’t want that at all. Another benefit of using the right soap, it will help the water to run down easily, making the drying process faster with fewer water spots.

Tip 6.- Start from the roof.

We suggest you start your cleaning from the roof and move in sections. This method will optimize your time and make your cleaning efficient. This way you can make sure you are focusing and not leaving dirty spots behind. The back of the car should be the last since it’s one of the areas carrying a lot of dirt.

Tip 7.- Swiping, not rubbing.

Car Washing In Winter

Grab your microfiber towel, make one big swipe, flip the towel, make another big swipe, and rinse it. That’s the secret to avoiding marks. Please, don’t even think about it, don’t try to make rubbing motions, it will just mess all your work. Every time you are done with a section, make sure to rinse the soap so it doesn’t dry leaving spots behind.

Tip 8.- Rise your towels before using them again.

We can’t emphasize this enough: Please rinse very well your towels before doing more swiping. The reason behind it is because if there are dust or gravel particles left, it can leave scratches, ruin the pain, scratch the wax off. It’s just a big NO.

Tip 9.- Last rinse

The last rinse in water it’s very recommended. Let’s imagine you did exactly as this article said, but then you start checking what you did and realize you left a couple of spots without cleaning or just dry soap spots. Don’t worry, water will erase your sins.

Grab your hose without the nozzle and just let the water fall down on the car. Start with the roof and make your way down, making sure you don’t leave any soap behind.

Tip 10. Use a dry microfiber towel to dry the car.

Car Washing In Winter

The finishing touch on your car washing process is to grab a dry microfiber towel or cloth and again, make swiping moves gently over all the car to dry it. Like we said before, it’s important that you have a specific towel for this step. Squeeze as much water as you can from the towel as you continue to dry until you’ve reached every spot and you’ve got a streak-free finish that shines!

It may sound very tiring, but when you see the final result, it will be completely worth it. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your car shinning. It’s impossible to keep it that way forever, but enjoy it while it lasts and does it all over again. It can be your Sunday morning relaxation routine.