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When you have a big family, you will need extra space in your car for your belongings to travel somewhere. Though many cars come with spacious cargo carrying capacity, it may not be sufficient when you are going to a picnic or a vacation with your family or friends. For such a situation, surely you will want to leave your necessary stuff at home.

Cargo carrier bags are the best solutions for this problem. You can carry them on the rooftop of your car and carry your essential stuff when there is not enough space inside your car.

So, how will you choose the best one from the huge number of options that are available in the market? Well, we will give you that solution. Here we will discuss the best rooftop cargo carrier bags and their complete buying guide helping you to choose the best one.

Our top 3 pick

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A rooftop cargo carrier bag is a great option to expand your car’s capability for extra luggage or belongings. They can provide up to 18 cubic feet of extra space, some even provide more. They are mainly used on the rooftop by fitting with straps. They can be used in any type of car as they can be strapped with or without a roof rack.

These cargo bags can be easily folded and stored in a tight space when they are not in use. Usually, they don’t need much effort to install. You can easily install and provides easy access to your goods. They are compatible with all types of vehicles. As they come in different sizes, they can easily match with the rooftop of your car.

Another secure way to expand your vehicle’s storage space is by installing a Cargo Box. They are like a hard plastic shell to secure your belongings. These boxes need a roof rack or railing to be mounted. Unlike the cargo bag, this box provides a hardcover with its trunk-like shape and these units don’t collapse and fold up for compact storage. Basically, they are mostly populated for their safety features. Most of the cargo boxes come with high-level security features. They feature a locking mechanism to prevent theft. The only problem with these boxes is that if you don’t have a roof rack you need to install one for using these boxes.    


It will extend your car capacity for luggage. Cargo carrier bags come with a spacious structure. As a result, when you are carrying a lot of belongings, you don’t have to worry about placing them in your car. Just mount the cargo bag on the rooftop and keep your extra luggage.

It will bring you comfort. Most of the time of traveling with our family or friends, all the members cannot sit comfortably for the extra luggage inside your car. But when you have a cargo carrier, you will not face this problem. 

It is very easy to install. This cargo bag can be mounted on the rooftop by straps with a roof rack. You can also use it if you don’t have a roof rack. After using it, you can easily fold it and store it in a very sharp place.

It will protect your belongings from rough weather. Most of the cargo carrier bag comes with waterproof protection. Also, they can protect your goods from extreme heat and cold. So, you can enjoy a worry-free journey if you use a cargo carrier bag for your goods.

It also provides anti-theft protection. As they come with the safety-lock system, they securely store your belongings.


Perfect size

You will find the different sizes of cargo bags in the market. But you have to search for the cargo size that can be suitable on the rooftop of your car. Remember that when you are driving, the bag should not pass the windshield as it can obstruct your vision. You may also measure the rooftop of your car before choosing a proper-sized cargo bag for your car.

Proper fitting

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that the cargo bag should fit properly with the roof rack or the rooftop. Most cars have a roof rack for carrying cargo bags. If you don’t choose a properly fitted cargo bag with the roof rack, you may remount your roof rack. Also, a rooftop cargo bag adds height to your vehicle. So you need to be more mindful of low head clearance areas. You may consult a professional installer to determine the perfect fitting for your car.

Weight Limit

Each of the rooftop cargo carrier bags is rated for certain weights. Beyond this weight limit, the bag can be damaged. Your cargo may fit securely into the carrier’s compartment, but its weight may be beyond the bag’s limit. In such a situation, it may potentially break your rooftop cargo carrier in transit.


Securing your cargo is an important fact for a car owner, especially if you park your vehicle in an unfamiliar area. Though most rooftop cargo carrier bags come with a key and lock that can secure the carrier bags lid shut, there are also lots of accessories you can purchase separately that are compatible to your rooftop cargo carrier if you’re looking for something that provides a little more security than the default lock and key.  

Easy access

Not all cargo carrier openings are the same. Some open only on the passenger side while others open only at the driver’s side. Make sure to choose the rooftop cargo carrier that goes best with how you plan to load and unload your cargo during trips.

Frequency of use

Mounting and unmounting a rooftop cargo carrier is a fairly easy job. Some vehicle owners opt to remove it after every road trip because of the added drag, wind noise and added height restriction. Looking at how easy it is to remove and fasten the mounting brackets is an important factor to consider before you buy your rooftop cargo carrier.

Best rooftop cargo carrier bag

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2) Car Top Carrier Roof Bag

The Car Top Carrier Roof Bag is nothing less than the top pick. Providing heavy-duty coated tarpaulin and fabric-guarded, coated zippers, the bag ensures 100% waterproof protection. In addition, its extra heavy-duty materials help to withstand on the road and don’t have to worry about falling apart and tearing. Sometimes, you may face the problem of a broken zipper and loose straps with other cheap products. But with this one, you don’t have to worry about that.  

This rooftop cargo carrier bag is compatible with both the vehicles with racks and without racks and easily fits with all types of vehicles. Each of the features of the bag works without a hitch and made it easy to carry.

While driving with high speed on the road, you will face a heavy wind flow. The bag is designed in angled that will provide better wind resistance. So, you can safely ride without fearing it will tear off in a heavy wind. The protection mat of the bag can save your car’s roof to be scratched and saves your expensive paint

It is a long-lasting cargo carrier and you can use it again and again in each of your trips. Thus, the bag is a perfect choice for an enjoyable journey.

3) RoofPax Car Roof Bag

RoofPax Car Roof Bag is another great cargo carrier bag on our list. The bag provides maximum safety with 4+2 free door hooks and instead of using straps that go inside the car. So, you do not have any trouble at all shutting the doors. 

Considering the materials, this premium quality car top bag is made of military-grade materials with waterproof dual seam technology and water repellent double coating. It has a built-in protective mat and 10 elastic velcro strap restrainers to prevent strap flapping. The security features are maximum with this bag. It includes a heavy-duty SBS zipper, double strap covers with 8 Velcro stripes, and 10 strong straps with NIFCO buckles.

The bag is also compatible with any sized car or SUV. Whether your vehicle has a rack installed or not, it can be quickly and easily installed in minutes. The dimensions of the bag are L47.2″ x W 35.4″ x H 19.8″ that provide 19 cubic feet of rooftop cargo storage so you will never run out of space.


Q: Does a rooftop cargo bag affect gas mileage?

A: Generally, adding a loaded cargo carrier bag to your car will lower your gas mileage by at least 10 percent. Some drivers may see their gas mileage drop by as much as 20 percent depending on vehicle type and type of bag.

Q: Are rooftop cargo carrier bags safe?

A: In short, yes, they are quite safe, and manufacturers design them to specifically handle high speeds and rough terrains. Their aerodynamic shape allows them to cut through the air, which also dramatically reduces the drag on your vehicle.

Q: How much weight can the roof of a car hold?

A: On average, most cars, trucks, and SUVs can carry only about 165 pounds. It may vary from car to car.

Q: Can you put a roof bag on a panoramic sunroof?

A: To answer your question, no, you should not place a cargo bag directly on your panoramic roof.

Q: How fast can you go with a rooftop cargo bag?

A: The recommendation is that you shouldn’t travel any faster than 90 MPH, which is probably more than your local speed limits anyway.

Final words

So, what’s to worry about anymore? Pick a cargo bag and prepare for your next trip. This time you the cargo carrier bag will provide you the best experience through the whole trip.

What’s your opinion? Let us know.