Best Car Top Carrier Without Roof Rack

Top 3 Best Car Top Carrier Without Roof Rack

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You may don’t have a car top carrier without roof rack , but still, you can use a car-top carrier for carrying your extra luggage. You may think that it would be difficult to use a car roof rack if your car doesn’t have a roof rack. Generally, a roof rack provides better protection for carrying luggage or other necessary things while traveling. But some car top carrier comes in a proper design to fit properly in your car top even though there is no roof rack. So, you can easily install those top carriers and solve the extra-luggage problem.

Here, the most important part is to choose a top carrier that fits properly in your car top and has enough safety features. Also, it should have some other features for comfortable use. In this review, we will discuss those guidelines to buy the best car top carrier without roof rack with the three best options.

Top 3 pick

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Mainly there are three types of car top carriers. They are-

  1. Roof bags
  2. Rooftop baskets
  3. Rooftop boxes

Car top carriers are a practical method to transport luggage and sporting goods when there is not enough cargo space in your car. They are installed on the roof top and come in different shapes and sizes that completely depends on your requirement. They will expand the load capacity of your car for items that might not fit inside. Let’s see the car top carriers that are mentioned above.

  1. Roof bags: Roof bags are mainly setup using securing traps on the car top. They are basically made of heavy-duty waterproof textiles and can be easily mounted. They are not too heavy and they can come with a carrying capacity of around 15 cubic feet.
  2. Rooftop baskets: Roof baskets are mainly used on car top which has a roof rack or roof rails. They come in a metal structure and different objects can be secured with different straps. These baskets cannot be used in a car-top which doesn’t have roof rails.
  3. Rooftop boxes: Rooftop boxes come in an aerodynamic structure for maximum carrying capacity and security. They come with anti-theft protection and good aerodynamic performance for reduced drag. These boxes also need roof rails to be mounted.  


It can be easily mounted on a car top. You can easily set this top carrier by using a security strap. Like the other types of cargo carriers, this doesn’t need any roof rack to be mounted. Also, for its light-weight and design, a single person can easily do this.

It will add extra cargo-carrying capacity to your car. Most of the time you will need extra space for carrying luggage or other goods while traveling with your friends or family. If you have a car-top carrier, you don’t need to worry anymore with your extra luggage.

It is compatible with different vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you have an SUV or a sedan, you can easily use this top carrier in your car. Just use a strap and mount on your car top.

It provides proper protection to your luggage. As it is fully compatible with multiple lockdown systems, it can provide a secure fit. Also, for its waterproof textiles, you don’t have to worry about your luggage being damaged.


Size of the carrier

Car top carriers range in different sizes. You can find them from less than 10 cubic feet to more than 20 cubic feet. If you have a small car, you should choose a smaller option. The bigger option may not fit your car and will cause trouble while driving. In addition, if you have a big family and they want to bring on a trip on a regular basis, you will need a bigger option. More family members mean more luggage. So, check carefully before buying a car-top carrier as it will play a vital role while using. 

Easy to use

Make sure that the top carrier is easy to use, easily opens, and provides easy access to their belongings. You will find a few carriers that are user friendly. You trouble using it while opening or managing your belongings into it. So, you should be careful about it.

You will find some carriers that open on one side. These carriers may make using them in certain situations difficult. On the other hand, others come with the opening system on both sides. Using this type is easier and will give you easy access to your belongings. 

Security features

Here comes one of the most vital features of a car-top carrier. Just think that you are carrying some important or precious goods in the carrier of your car. On, the way you have parked your car in a highway restaurant for buying some snacks. What will you feel if you see after returning that your car top carrier is open and your belongings are no more in it? Yes, this may happen if you don’t choose a car-top carrier without proper safety features. So, check before you purchase one if it has enough security features to keep your belongings safe.

Weight Limit

The wight limit differs from one to another top carrier. Some may come with lower weight limits than others do. These are suitable for a single person cargo or light luggage. But when families or individuals who are going to be bringing very heavy gear with them, it will want a cargo carrier that has a weight limit high enough that the carrier won’t be damaged. Do not carry extra weight than a carrier can effort. It can damage the carrier and may not be safe. So, before buying one, try to identify your requirement for cargo weight then choose one according to it.


Aerodynamics is the special shape and design of the carrier for which the carrier won’t cause too much wind resistance. If your carrier doesn’t have such design then it will cause lower gas mileage. Especially, when you are on a long trip and carrying cargo, you must need it to be aerodynamic.   


You don’t have to worry that much about the material of the carrier. Because almost all the carrier comes with waterproof materials. You just have to make sure that the carrier is actually waterproof or not. Also, check the other materials that have been used in the carrier. Make sure they are durable enough for long term use. Otherwise, poor quality material will cause the carrier to be spoiled sooner.  


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2) ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag

The next option on our list is the ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag. This rainproof car top carrier will give you the premium quality experience on the road. It comes with multiple zippers, which will allow you to expand the bag from 9.5 to 11.5 cubic feet. The cool feature of this carrier is its expandable storage. You can expand the bag unzipping the extra zipper.

If you consider the material quality, it will give you the best experience. With rainproof material and sonically welded seams, it keeps cargo dry, clean, and protected. So, don’t have to worry about the extreme weather for carrying this bag.

You will get a universal fit from this bag as it has 6 straps, which will provide you safe and secure attachment to the hitch mount cargo tray and baskets. we can easily access to your belongings.

We will also find this bag collapsible-friendly when not in use. You can easily fold the soft side of the bag and it will ensure convenient storage when not in use. Overall, this car top carrier ensures full satisfaction on its ultimate use.

3) MAXXHAUL Cargo Carrier Bag

The third choice on our list is the MAXXHAUL Cargo Carrier Bag and like the other two, you cannot ignore it. You will love this carrier bag for its material. It is constructed from PVC material with polyester reinforcement including UV coating. Such material and construction have made this bag durable and strong. You can easily install and use this bag without worrying about the damage to the bag.

The bag provides welded seams and a heavy-duty zipper. This will make sure of rough use and as the zippers are placed around the 3 sides of the bag, you will face no trouble using it. Also, it ensures easy access to your belongings. The zippers also come with improved water protection as they are covered with a hook. The large holes of the zippers will allow you to use padlocks for extra security.

If you need a bigger option for your car top carrier, this one is for you. The dimensions of the bag are 47″ long x 20″ wide x 20″ high with a maximum of 11 cubic feet volume capacity. 


Q: Can you use a car-top carrier without a roof rack?

A: Yes, you can use a car-top carrier without a roof rack. Though roof rack is the best option to carry a car-top carrier, there are some carriers that can be used without a roof carrier. They come with straps to hold them tightly with the car. 

Q: Does a car-top carrier damage your car?

A: A properly fitted and used car top carrier will give years of trouble-free service and will not damage your car. But, an over-weighed or badly fitted carrier can damage your car.

Q: How do you secure a rooftop carrier?

A: Roof Baskets and Trays are mainly used to secure a roof car top carrier. But if you don’t have a roof rack, you need to use the carrier that comes with straps. Also, using a safety lock, you can make it protected.

Q: Do roof bags need roof bars?

A: However, you don’t need roof bars as the strap can be secured from the top of the bag through the inside of the car. The roof bag also comes with a one-year warranty for some peace of mind.

Q: Do the straps of a roof bag interface with the door?

A: Most of the well-branded roof bags come with such straps that they don’t even interface with the door, windows, door seal, or side curtain airbag.

Final words

Carrying extra luggage is always a big problem for us. Sometimes, we cannot even take some necessary belongings with us for the lack of enough space. In such situations, a car-top carrier is the best solution. So, if you are about to buy one, this review will surely help you.